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Got hold of some clipless pedals, and need to get some shoes,

but on a tight budget... can just about afford these:

Now since it would be my first cycling shoes, i was intendting to go to my LBS to get fitted as such, but can't quite get the money, as there 60 in there, and would feel like a right pr**k if i went in, tried some on and didn't buy them.....

so sizes, my running shoes are 9.5.. should i go for the same? or go to a 10? as i have heard cycling shoes are rather tight and you need to go up a bit?


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    I have the same shoes and bought the same size as my normal shoes - they are very comfy.

    I think the "buy a bit bigger" is because most road shoes are quite narrow (sidi & shimano for example) but the specialized shoes are renowned as quite a wide fit.

    that seems a good price, but bear in mind that they have just been facelifted / replaced with a new designf for 2008 so with that in mind there A) may be a few bargains about and B) your LBS might discount em to a similar figure if asked nicely?
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    Shoes really are something you should try on and buy in person. Suggest you check returns policy with JE James. Spesh are a broader and roomier fit than other (especially Italian) brands, so tend to offer enough room for your toes.
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    thanks chaps, think my first port of call will be my LBS tomorrow.

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    Print the internet ad out if you can and take it with you, and then ask them if they'll match the price... you never know they might match it or at least knock some money off...

    if you dont ask you dont get :D
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    as per your link, it doesn't appear they have your size anyway??

    The sizes seem to jump from 42 - 45.

    I'm a size 10, and just bought a pair of these Diadora's but in size 45, and they are spot on and they have a decent ratchet: ... dZViewItem

    I e-mailed a previous buyer and asked him how the fit was, and what size he was, and that is what persuaded me to risk it.

    Technically they aren't road shoes, but i think they are as solid as road shoes, and the grip/recessed cleat means you can walk in them to come cegree too!

    Mine were mainly black, but I couldn't see any on there at the moment.

    I bought mine for £47, but the postage took it up to £54 - but not to say you mightn't get them for less.

    It does look like the seller has a returns policy as well, though of course you would be stung for the postage in both directions I assume if that was the case?


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    thanks to everyone for advice and for links to shoes etc!!!!!

    i ended up going into my LBS,and they gave me 10% because ive started riding with my local store, so took it to winthin a pound of wiggle price so a happy man.

    Think i will in the future by online, but being my first ever shoe i decided not to take the risk

    Thanks again all

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