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folding - non folding tyres

gthanggthang Posts: 293
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Whats the difference appart from the fact one type folds and the other does not.

performace, construction, benifits? etc



  • gthanggthang Posts: 293
    Also if a bike comes with 185mm rotors on the front, is it possible to swap them for 203 rotors (eg Avid juicy 5)
  • Non folding tires have a steel cable run through them to hold them onto the wheel. Folding tires this is replaced with something bendy. Folding is lighter put more expensive, they will perform the same.

    You can switch to 203mm rotors, just buy the rotor and adapter for your forks.
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Folding tyres have something like kevlar as the bead.

    Main benefits are you can get them home from the shop without having to wear them, you can actually carry a spare in your trail pack (if you really want to be ready for all eventualities and have a big trail pack, don't know anyone who does carry a spare but I have seen tyres split on the sidewall on the trail) and most important should enhance performance of yor bike because the weight of your wheel is reduced meaning there is less inertia and it should accelerate more quickly.

    If you don't want to carry a spare tyre you could always carry a few of these: ... tem=TB%2D2

    They hold the tyre together long enough to get you home.
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  • gthanggthang Posts: 293
    As always thank you for the responce guys. This forum is fantastic! its really helping me.
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    You may find folders are easier to get on the rims than some non-folding/rim combinations - not a big point, but with the lighter weight and foldability, I would always go for folders if affordable.
  • gthang

    Steel beads are stronger than a kevlar bead, BUT stretch a steel bead and it is buggered! You wont stretch a kevlar bead and it is as mentioned above a much better option due to the folding/ weight advantages etc.

    With regards to the Bigger disc rotors, Is your fork rated to take a 203" rotor? if not you may break the casting of the forks.

    'HOPE' this helps[/url]

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