Buying a Used Carbon Bike

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I'm looking to buy a new road bike (currently on a Decathlon 7.1 bargain basement special which is relegated to commuter) and have set my eyes on a used 2005 Giant TCR Comp 3. I am going to take a look at it this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to scrutinise the carbon frame for any imperfections? I am new to carbon....



  • not much help, but just bought a Scott CR1, and all I can say is, BUY CARBON, its just so powerful, and I can get some serious speed. I would say check for any imperfections at all, minor laquer scratches are probably ok, but anything worse is a no no.
    I got lucky and bought mine with only 2 months use, and all the receipts.
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    Give it a very close and meticulous visual examination. Look for cracks and delaminations - particularly around any tube joints. The main stress points on a frame are the forks, the lower headtube, the bottom bracket and the seat tube/seat stay junctions. Also, look around bottle cage bosses and a front mech bracket - if fitted. Unless it looks immaculate, walk away.
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  • Thanks guys - much appreciated. Will let you know the outcome!
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    I should also have said look for obvious signs of crash damage - even if not on the frame, but the tops of the levers and hoods, the outsides of pedals, the rear mech, the condition of the bar tape. Turn the bars tightly to see where they rest against the frame - in a crash the bars can turn and 'bruise' the frame - check there's no sign of impact damage here too e.g. localised paint damage. Look at the bars from the front - as they even and level?
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  • Thanks guys - gave it a good check over and all seemed good so I went for it! It's a 2005 Giant TCR Composite 3, picked it up for 425 quid here in the USA - seemed like a good price (came with SPD-SL pedals and carbon aero bars). I love the way 80% of the frame has the carbon weave exposed - why do they paint carbon fibre???
  • good shout well done, and yes, why do they paint carbon fibre? its soooo yummy, my Scott CR1 shows all over, cant stop looking at it, probably a bad idea whilst cycling though :lol: