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Sora triple / many clicks? Trim?

kiwirobkiwirob Posts: 53
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Hi All
My first thread on new site!
In my wisdom or otherwise I have bought some Sora "triple" stis and they look like they are actually doubles.
There are only three clicks on the left short, one long and third also short.
Isn't this a double?...Trim on the inside ring..change to outer...trim outer.
I have phoned 3 bike shops...including those who advertise in C+ and get conflicting answers£?&^%...? My 7 spd lever allso has 3 clicks.
Does anybody actually know?


  • I have sora triple stis on my scr3.
    The left one is labelled triple, and has 2 clicks--that is 3 positions, and there is no trimming position that I can see. In use , each click shifts to the next ring and that is all.

    Hope this helps,
  • I have a Sora double chainset and there's a single big change on the left STI to the larger chainring, no trim. Changing back is a single button press.
  • BigSpecsBigSpecs Posts: 309
    I have a sora triple set up and there are only three clicks (and you only need the three) No trim position. I believe only old Campag had the trim functions built in.
    I have also had a pair of the Sora 7's double that you have and they did theoretically have a middle click for trimming but I never found it very effective.
    Hope this helps.
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