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tyre combinations

jon skonejon skone Posts: 8
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hi all.i m riding ,and loving,a carrera comes with continental gravity tyres as standard.recently due to wear on the rear tyre,i bought a maxxis high roller 26 x2.35.i was goin to buy 2 but as my front conti is still in good nick i just went for one maxxis with the idea of just mixing them,come what may.i was originally gonna put the maxxis on the back but am now thinking it would mebs be better on the front for better grip when steering,which lkeads me to my questions,is mixing tyres the done thing,also what do u all think about which is best on the front.i know i should just go and try but its dark and i probs cant get out riding for another week or so anyway.ta


  • its all personal preferance really mate getting the mix of rolling resistnce and grip right for you, if your front slides out alot and you dont like it get a grippier tyre if you back doesnt slide enuf the get a less grippy tyre etc. pair-ing i think just keeps thins lookin neat. mixing is very commonly done in BMXin. so i wouldnt say its a no no

    hoope that helps
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  • Sir HCSir HC Posts: 20,148
    Stick the high roller on the front, then when the conti wears out on the rear, buy another high roller.

    I mix my tyres all the time, I've been running a Lopes bling bling on the back and a High roller up front over the summer. I'll be sticking a Minion R on the rear for the winter, until it wears out, then I'll buy another high roller.

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  • thanks for the advice dan.much appreciated.and jeezus sir h.are you a 150 year old school teacher or what.??i came to this forum for good friendly advice.which i normally get,not to be patronised by someone who probably thinks fleetwood mac are where the beats are at.. man!!but thanx 4 de adv anyway dude!! :twisted:
  • my comments were aimed at your txt gripe sir hc.not your advice on tyres,which is greatly appreciated.i knew it would be a case of just experimenting but like i said,i m pretty new to this xc thing so i need all the help i can get.especially as i m going to be getting very little time to ride in the nxt few weeks.thanx again.all the best.
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