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spd shoe stop water leaking sole

z000mz000m Posts: 544
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first off can i say i hope i have put this topic in the relevant section,
i have a pair of nike spd shoes and where the 2 bolt metal clip installs into the sole of the shoe, there is a gap that lets water in, and i was wondering if any of you guys have this problem? and before i get out the bathroom sealant to try and fill it, do you have any other tips or suggestions for filling the gaps? i was also going to try fibreglass resin but the sole does have some slight movement so i quickly dismissed the idea.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    there should have been a sticky sealing sticker to put on after fitting the cleats.

    did you miss it off?
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  • Nick is spot on, it should have come with your shoes but if you have lost / misplaced it a layer of Duct tape around the area of cleat, under the innersole should do the trick a treat.
  • z000mz000m Posts: 544
    thanks for the tips guys the sealing sticker has come off due too the persistant damp, i think i might try and dry them out as much as i can and then see about getting some good quality duct tape and if that doesnt work ill try the bathroom sealant
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 26,248
    don't worry duded, from experience it NEVER come with the shoes

    but then admitadly i don't have many shoes
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  • z000mz000m Posts: 544
    the sealing sticker comes with the spd pedals.
    and the one i had was made of sticky fabric so its never gonna keep out the water.
    i bet some1 out there has a really simple more permanent solution for it, has any1 tryed bathroom sealant and did it work, and how long did it last?
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    I'm using Duct Tape on my Nikes as I felt this would be more of a seal rather than the sticky label supplied and I had used in the past, so far so good but I haven't been out in any major rain since making the change.
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