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A word of thanks!

trenchntrenchn Posts: 24
edited November 2007 in MTB beginners
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has posted replies to my various posts.
I have sorted the fork lock out problem. I hadn't spotted a tiny allen grub screw!!
Been out a few times now and I am very pleased with the Mongoose, it's immeasurably better than anything I have ridden before. Got myself a few bits and pieces and I'm looking forward to my birthday in a few weeks.
Is it worth getting specialist cleaning stuff, or is a sponge and bucket just as good. I have seen the "Muc-Off" kit in Halford for £23.32.
Anywqy thanks again for all your help and welcome messages.


  • I use muc-off and its pretty good really but after I've run out i'll be getting Fenwicks i think it is? I think its cheaper, biodegradable and just as good at cleaning. I might get a chain cleaner and some brushes I've seen on chain reaction too.

    Which mongoose was it out of curiosity?
  • papasmurf.papasmurf. Posts: 2,382
    yeah fenwicks is good, get a bottle of concentrate, and dilute it down in your muc off spray bottle.

    bucket and sponge is good, but also a brush to get in those hard to reach places and also clean tyres that are caked in mud. should be able to get a set of brushes cheap somewhere
  • this is the brush set i was going to buy ... elID=14412
    14412.jpg only £8 too which is alright.
    then one of these ... elID=12709 but theres several of similar price so got to choose which i prefer
    and finally fenwicks concentrate: ... e%20Bottle
  • WoodywmbWoodywmb Posts: 888
    I prefer the Pedro's set - similar brushes but with a long, heavy duty bristled brush for cogs and chainrings (£14). It has 2-inch bristles that can push out mud caked in the front derailleur fixings. I wouldn't bother with a chain cleaner. Just place the chain inside a plastic Tupperware style box along with degreaser. Give it a good shake, pour out the degreaser and add some Fenwicks then spray water on to your chain. Hang it up to dry and run a rag over it before lubing it with Finish Line. I should have said that your chain needs joined with Sram powerlinks so that you can open it. Sounds like a lot of work but no more than emptying and cleaning your chain cleaner. The chain also looks good for constant attention.
  • I've read lots about shaking it in bottles of various cleaning liquids but i just don't think i can get the same cleaning inside the links where it matters most.

    this the pedro brush kit you mean woody? that looks better actually than the finish line lot ... elID=13792
  • WoodywmbWoodywmb Posts: 888
    That's it - good buy. The problem with chain cleaners is that the degreaser disintegrates the rubber seals and before long the fluid starts to seep out. The top won't seal on to the base and the entire job is fiddly. I use the Tesco plastic container method (99p - round variety with four clip seals) after many years of trial and error. Getting rid of the spent oil is easy - run a couple of sheets of kitchen paper round the inside of the container. Soaks it up and you put the sodden towels into the bin. You can't do this too easy with a chain cleaner. You can also use it to steep the chain overnight. The chain cleaner you highlight leaves the chain dripping with oil after you've run it through a few times. Whatever you clean after each ride, make sure you always do the chain. Flip it off after a wet or muddy outing and toss it inside the container with a few drops of W40 to prevent it rusting. Then clean it up properly when you've time - or dried out! A £10 chain will look gleaming and perform well for a year.
  • Hi,
    Thanks again for all the info.
    The bike I got is a Mongoose Tyax Suoer. £279.99 delivered from Discount cycles. I;m really pleasesd with it. Just trying to find some routes rouind Evesham now.
  • north of cheltenham?
    Leckhampton hill on the south side of cheltenham and also Cleeve hill on the east side of cheltenham are good but I don't know north of that.

    link with more detail about those routes above: ... ght=cleeve
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