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probably a dumb question, but...

having just purchased a new SCR2 and taken it for a quick spin at the weekend, in some gears i was experiencing that rattling noise (like the chain was not on properly) as i pedalled. As i say, only on certain gears did i get this but it was constant. Am i right in thinking that a new bike should be pretty much silent? Perhaps i just need to lube chain/mechs??

Apart from this the ride was really good, although i must admit that for a first time on a road bike my hands did feel really (really) low down when on the drops and gears are gonna take a bit of getting used to!



  • Yes, it should run smoothly. Sounds like your gear cable tension needs adjusting. If you bought the bike at a shop take it back and get them to set it up properly.

    If you want to have a go yourself have a look here for instructions ...
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    If you bought the bike at a shop take it back and get them to set it up properly.

    see recent post on cycle to work thread... :roll:
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    If you purchased it from an LBS, pop it back in there for them to take a look.

    Also don't forget after 6 weeks (depending on mileage) you'll need to get things re-adjusted after the cables stretched and things have bedded in!

  • Depends on the gear gear combinations you are talking about.

    You should avoid using gears that cause the chain to run at extreme angles e.g. big ring & big sprocket or small ring and small sprocket. These gear combos can cause the chain to rub which is not only noisy, but can cause premature chain wear.

    You may also be able to eliminate some of the rubbing by trimming the front derailleur.

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    Hi i agree with bladerider on this one, however if you do decide to try and fix the problem yourself and it still makes a noise then make an effort to take it back to the shop(BUT DO NOT TELL THEM THAT YOU HAVE TRIED TO FIX IT YOURSELF), if anything is damaged they can easily blame you and it will be you thats out of pocket, good luck and let me know how you get on. ademort
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