Duff Chain???

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I bought a new chain (shimano) and rear sprokets for my commute bike back in july. I was giving it my weekly wash and check yesterday and checked the chain for wear with a park tool chain wear indicator only to find that it had stretched, was I pi**ed. now I have not done anything like excessive miles, but just wandered if anyone else had suffered the same misfortune.I must just have been sent a duff chain :cry:


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    I tend to buy cheap chains and treat them as a disposable item, You say you have had the chain for 4 months, I've done 2000 miles since then and I've replaced my chain, no big deal, just a fact of life.
    There seams to be as big a debate on how to make chains last longer than there is Shimano / Campag.
    I for my sins just buy in bulk check them regularly and chuck them away as soon as there is any sign of wear, others buy three chains and rotate them after every 500 miles.
    I will admit that some chains and cassettes for that matter seam to last a lot longer than others for no apparent reason.

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