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Bent Chainrings

thehairs1970thehairs1970 Posts: 142
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I recently bought myself a lush Orange P7S - luv it! However there is one prob. I noticed on my third ride that the middle chainring was bent. It is supposed to be fitted with a Truvativ Firex 3.1 GXP set. I knew I hadn't smacked it on anything and anyway this would surely have bent the inner and outer as well. I took it back to the dealer who 'straightened' it and told me it was because I was not laying off the pressure on the pedals when I was changing gear. Now this strikes me as a bit weird. a) I was until recently riding a much older bike with a Shimano Deore set on and that never bny through my over-enthusiastic pedalling; b) the middle ring is surely the one that is under least load when changing gear due to chain angles. Also since the dealer 'fixed' it, it has bent again. Does this sound like a faulty part to you? Any advice on how to approach the dealer on this would be appreciated.




  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    While it is possible to bend it shifting under load, it doesnt happen often. How bent is it? Is it a whole section or just a few teeth?
  • tmgtmg Posts: 651
    once metal has been stressed it is likely that when put under similar load again it will give in the same place

    For the cost of a middle ring I'd change it, or at least have the conversation with your LBS who supplied, if it's a new part that bent then it should be covered by warrenty or sales of good act (fit for purpose or satisfactory quality) the guy in the LBS has to prove you were the cause of the failure and him summising its your riding style does not suffice as proof. If its old and been ridden for a while again check warrenty, if not covered I'd just change the middle ring, but you should also consider changing chain and cassette
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