Penmachno - new trail???

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Hi, does anyone know if the new addition to Penmachno is open? and by 'know' I mean has anyone actually done it? I've heard from someone that it is now open, however I've also heard that it isn't.

And to anyone with access to the North Wales area, Penmachno is the bollocks. Well worth a trip to Betws (unless its very windy cos its a bit exposed in places, to say the least...)


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  • yes it's open just can't really advertise until they get the parking sorted.


    some pics there too!

    It's really good. the second loop has a lot less climbing/descending (probably a good thing) & a few bits of boardwalk.

    We went wrong though & started doing the 2nd loop the wrong way round & had to double back after 2km.

    When we got back to the top of the singletrack after the switchback climb there was some geezer refitting a sign to a waymarker - basically saying left, to continue on with loop 1 or right for loop 2 (across metalled road). the previous legit. sign had apparently been removed by someone.

    He told us its fine to ride, they just can't advertise the fact (loop 1 is still not officially open, just de-restricted)

    Also said they need people to ride it as it's getting overgrown, it needs to bed in & they need to see the lines so they can make any tweaks/fill in soft spots etc.
  • Hi rode loop1 yesterday, little drizzle loads of water course quite overgrown and found route via .trl but little sketchey.. But what a BLAST!!!!