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Steel Frame care

fraz167fraz167 Posts: 142
edited November 2007 in Workshop
I have a very lovely steel Lemond Fillmore and when taking the seat post out recently found some surface rust on the inside of the frame.

I am not really concerned by this as the post has been inserted dry from the factory and a wee dab of grease will sort that.

But i have seen posts about products that you can squirt into the tubes to prevent internal corresion, can anyone reccommend any products?



  • pb21pb21 Posts: 2,170
    A bit of Waxoyl (sp) spayed down the seatpost may help, at leat thats what I have done on my steel bike.
  • J P Weigle's Frame Saver is highly recommended. It is easy (if a bit messy) to apply and can be purchased either from a decent LBS (£11 or so) or, the importers.

    I have used it on my winter bike and it's doing the job. One can will do a few frames.

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