Hi Chaps,

Have you forgotten to put the forum clock back?
Perpetuating the myth that Lincolnshire is flat.


  • Anonymous
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    No, you have. Click on your profile to change the time settings. :lol:
  • Oh heck. Seems I've put my big gob in it again. Just when I thought I was getting to grips with technology! Sorry. :oops:
    Perpetuating the myth that Lincolnshire is flat.
  • ColinJ
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    I was about to point out that the clock was wrong too but I've set it to GMT now.

    Surely it would make more sense for the Timezone field in the profile settings to relate to an actual Timezone e.g UK time, taking into account the twice a year time changes? As it is now 120459 registered users (and counting) have to remember to do this twice a year, every year. You only need to fix it once. I don't have to to do this on any other forum that I frequent.
  • Sir HC
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    Or the forum uses your IP to see where you are and then apply a time zone to suit.
    Intense Socom
  • Big Red S
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    Geolocation with IPs is a bit hit and miss and, given that most people don't move too much, resources intensive.

    Also, I sometimes browse the net via a PC that's in the states. I still want times close to GMT.