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Hi guys,

I want to venture in the fantastic world of fixed gear bikes, but I don't really know much about them. IThe only one I know is the Specialized Langster. Can any of you recommend me other models that would be good to start on? I was thinking of getting a frame from ebay for not over £50.. is that reasonable you think?

Thanks for your help..


  • come on guys! surely some of you will have some ideas! I didn't think that for experts it would have been such a difficult question...
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    There are several threads in "Special Interests" already on this subject (eg ... t=12543901) - the names that seem to come up most often apart from Langster are:

    - Pearson Touche - usually gets a good rightup in Cycling Plus.
    - On One "Il Pompino" is another although I personally don't like it's looks but possibly worth it for the name alone.
    - Condor Pista.
    - Lemond Fillmore (sp?)
    - Kona Paddy Wagon
    - Fuji also make track/fixed bikes
    - Genesis Flyer
    - Bianchi Pista

    Whilst you could no doubt pick up an old track frame (or even just a road frame with forward facing dropouts) on Ebay for a song, it will more than likely need some TLC. If it needs a re-spray and you want it done properly, that will cost you around £100. If you are willing to d-i-y the painting and are not too fussed about using 2nd hand components etc, you can probably put one together fairly cheaply.

    I spent £350 on refurbing an old road frame I had to use as a fixie - would have been cheaper to buy a Langster, but not so much fun of course.
  • thanks, that's very helpful. I just didn't know what to look for... and yes, it's going to be all diy and 2nd hand(apart from tyres and tubes maybe!)

    I've just spent £1300 on an mtb build, so now I'd like to built a completely minimalist fixed gear on a minimum budget. You're right, the fun and satisfaction of building your own bike is second to none.. I'll never buy a complete bike ever again!!

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    I just didn't know what to look for
    "Which fixie" as a title is usually the give away! :wink:

    Here's my refurb - ended up spending so much because I'm a tart and wanted it pretty(ish) - the re-spray and repairs (c.£135) and new forks (£70) were the biggest outlays:
    PS it's an "after" refurb shot not a "before" to save you asking :)

    You can probably pick up most components on Ebay, although you may have to be patient as decent bits are a little rare.
  • I'm in the process of building my own fixie from my dad's old Raleigh. I've not resprayed it and I'm using as many of the original parts as possible so it's not costing much.

    spent less than 35 quid so far as I'm using the old wheels and chainset and just screwing a sprocket in place of the casette.

    Still haven't got the rear wheel finished though as I was trying to do it on Sunday morning but one of the bolts on the axle was seized on so I had to take it to the shop who diagnosed a bent axle as a contributing factor - so I had to get a new one (all of 7 quid)!

    It'd be a lot simpler to have just bought a rear wheel, but a hell of a lot more expensive and less satisfying at the end (when I finally get there).

    I don't know how much you should spend on an old frame as I nicked mine, but 50's probably more than sufficient. Try checking through the ended auctions on ebay to see what old racing/track bikes go for. You might be able to get something like my old raleigh for 25-30 quid.

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  • Or go the lazy route and advertise "wanted fixed" bike. I got this for £90, ... elson1.jpg

    then changed the stem, bars, brake, brake lever, tyres, saddle, post, chainset, pedals, Doh..........
    It's the best £90 I ever spent.............
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    I would buy something comfortable like a Carlton Corsair for £50 - 80 quid and then a fixed hub £15, sprocket £18, chain £10, lockring £5 and some single bolts £5. Might need a new BB about a £10-15. Then slowly build the rear wheel myself or get it built or buy a second hand fixed rear wheel. Pick a bike with a frame which doesn't need a respray etc.
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    I converted an old bike for under 25 quid.
    The rear wheel was a freewheel type so I just put a fixed sprocket on for about 15 pounds and a bmx chain for 7 pounds. the rear wheel I then swapped spacers in the hub to centralise and then centered the rim which is a lot easier than it sounds. As I was using an old wheel it didn't really matter if I messed it up. If you're not used to working on wheels have a go on an old front wheel using a pair of forks as a jig. Try truing it then moving the rim one way a couple of mill then back again . Enjoy :)

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    You should be able to find a decent old frame for about £50 on ebay - make sure it's made from something like 531 tubing rather than an old gas pipe special. If you want to save money, you may have to be creative with things like chainsets and wheels - but that's probably half the fun. You're learn a lot about putting the bike together too.
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