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I am looking at either a Giant tcr alliance compact or a focus cayo triple . i ride a trek 1000 triple and want to upgrade , but worry that the Giant gearing will be too tough for the big hills . the focus seems to be a good alternative reading the reviews Has anyone either bike and how do they perform .


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    Theres also the Planet X with a compact.

    They always get good reviews
    I like bikes...

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    OMG the Giant, there's no comparison
  • I've had a Focus 2007 Triple since July and i've covered 1300 miles.
    The only draw back i've found is the fact i bought it from the internet obviously. After about 1 month i found there to be a clicking or ticking noise from chain ring area. When i took it to the LBS they found the cranks hadn't been assembled properly (something to do with a plastic shim not properly in place(WIGGLE))). It cost me £20 :? . Had i bought it there they would have fixed it for free.
    Saying that that has been the only problem i've had. I find it to be very comfortable and the standard of equipment is unbeatable. Only thing i've changed is the saddle but the bike is a good base to upgrade things later.
    BUY ONE! :D
  • I've had a giant for 3 months and get excited every time i go for a ride i only wish i had time in the week to go out, its usually to dark by the time i get home so i get my trusty Trek 4700 MTB and plough up the local trails. I would advise test riding both and finding out which suits you best
  • I think you'll find that Giant and Focus frames are "mass" produced in Taiwan or similar. Both are very good, and unless you really are bothered by the badge then will do a fine job - its a question of which one fits you better and feels better when you ride it. There's more snobbery in cycling than there is in car ownership! and like the latter little of it is based on fact - you will find both fans and those that dislike both makes, ultimately you will have to ride them. As regards the issue of gearing, have you considered getting a compact chainset? They are becoming much more common on bikes in the £1k - £1.5k range. FWIW my own personal opinion is that the Focus bikes are as good value for money that you read in the press, but then I have raced on one for 12 months or so now and its been perfect for me.