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Just ordered my first fixie, Lemond Fillmore. can't wait, but a bit confused / worried about how quickly you can stop in an emergency. The Fillmore has f & r brakes, but my brain / can't seem to cope with the process of stopping whilst still pedalling. Any tips / advice ? Thanks
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    get on your normal bike, ride it (its familiar to you) and dont stop pedaling, keep some pressure on your pedals moving forwards

    its the same on a fix, except it bites when you stop pedaling
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  • Bronzie
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    Emergency stops are not a problem generally - grab a handful of both brakes and you can kick back on the pedals as well to slow you even quicker than a freewheeled bike.

    Potholes / speed humps are a bit trickier, where you need to make yourself "light in the saddle" - normally you'd raise your bot off the saddle a bit to absorb some of the impact with your legs - can't do that on fixed so easily.