Self build Audax/Training/Commuter bike

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Anybody have an opinion on Planet X's Kaffenback frame and fork as a sort of general purpose do everything type bik?. I've got most of a 105 groupo sitting about looking for a home, but I don't have bundles to spend on a frame to hang it on. I'm solely riding on the road now on a slick shod MTB but I really want a road bike. I don't want to out the MTB for sentimental reasons as much as anything else. I'm going to get into Audaxing next year and I am currently selling everything from my motorcyclle racing days on ebay to fund the rest of the bike build. So waddya reckon?

PS I've also been looking at the Ribble closeout complete bikes. I didn't really want to spend that much (c£4-500) and I thought a steel frame would be better for what I want, but I don't know much!


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    It should be fine. It was designed for all round riding. There is an Iceni audax frame that it is a bit more money. I've seen it at Byercycles.
  • Or the audax frame from Surosa:
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    I've got a Kaff and it's OK. I don't like the brake options though - both mini Vs and cantis are a bit pants compared to modern double pivots.

    My main winter geared bike is built round a Ambrosio Guido ally frame which is pretty good.

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    Another option is the Kinesis Racelight T. Wiggle are doing the frame for £175 and alloy forks for £56. It will take mudguards, larger tyres and a rack.