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my legs seem to ache just above the knee on both sides of each leg could this be my seat not being high, enough, if my seat is too low what problems will i get if it is too high also what problems will i get.


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    Perhaps spinning a lower gear would help? Worked for me, anyway.
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    I agree with ricadus.. I dont know a great deal about positioning, but i know the feeling. Turned out I was trying to push more than my legs could handle... Tried different techneque with hills etc popping to a "lower" gear than needed to keep high cadence and have not had the problem since.
  • Everyone is right it could be set up and you should definitely check this. There are various methods to determine correct but ultimately its what you find comfortable.

    I read that a good starting point was 108% of inside leg measurement from the top of the seat to the center of the bolt on the crank arm Following the line of the seat tube. I used this as a starting point then lowered the seat about 1cm as I was lifting my heal at the longest part of the pedal stroke.

    Cadence could be an Issue if you have a cadence sensor try to ride at 90rpm, again there is a lot of preference but +- 10rpm should get you in the right zone. If you don't have a cadence then try to work out 90rpm by counting and try to remember the speed and feeling for future.

    Just out of interest you didn't mention if you get the ache on the bike or after a ride, this could be post ride fatigue or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Also without knowing your speed / distance and history you might just be pushing too hard too soon.

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    my legs ache mostly after a ride even a short one to work of 7miles, i have been riding over a year now and the most miles i have done in one go is 94, i have a trek pilot road bike 1.0
  • If you legs are aching after a ride I would look at recovery and diet more than on bike position. I rode a gentle 20 miles on Friday morning as I was racing today and I was a little sore even though I was determined not to push it. Distance obviously makes a difference but I don't think its impossible to suffer a little fatigue from a 7 mile ride.

    Obviously look at your on bike position but ask yourself one question when on the bike, "am i comfortable". Does it feel that any muscles are being over stretched? Do your knees feel like they are taking too much pressure. If the answer is yes then your seat is probably OK. If in doubt you can always pop into your local bike shop or pay for a cycle fit.

    Now back to recovery,
    1. Stretch before and after the ride.
    2. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.
    3. Are you eating enough protein, protein helps exercise induced muscle damage and rebuilding. Take a protein shake or a even a glass of milk within 20 minutes of your ride also eat something within this period.
    4. Eat healthy, avoid processed food, you need iron to process the protein I think so green veg. (spinach).

    Give this a try, a little aching is OK as long as it goes away. At the moment my legs are aching like hell from this afternoon but after a good nights sleep and proper refueling I will be fine in the morning.

    Below is a staring point for DOMS( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

    Nic ... e_soreness