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super_claretsuper_claret Posts: 102
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Has anyone experienced problems when ordering from Merlin?

I placed an order on Tuesday 23rd Oct, which was despatched on Wednesday 24th by First Class Recorded delivery but I've only just received the item today. I realise that there's been a postal strike but i've ordered from ChainReaction just after the strike and received the items next day and they were sent First Class.

I offered Merlin some advice when I contacted them regarding my order, which was to offer a guaranteed next day delivery, even at extra cost, as Chainreaction do, but the reply just told me to wait a few days more for delivery. This annoyed me slightly, as I don't expect delivery of any goods to take over a week. I know the delivery is not Merlins fault, but they should at least offer a guaranteed next day delivery so customers have a choice or am I being over critical?


  • BazzowmbBazzowmb Posts: 227
    I've ordered 3 or 4 items off them and every time they've been spot on - I'd personally put it down to the postal strike.
  • scotttomoscotttomo Posts: 531
    I ordered a wheel build from them a couple o months ago now. Placed order over the phone and the bloke said a week. Two weeks later and i was still waiting after numerous e-mails. Their excuse was that the hub conversion for my pro 2s was taking longer to arrive from hope than they expected, but they didn't bother mailing me to tell me this! Then when i got my wheels the cassette and chain i ordered with the wheels was missing! Shame really coz i've ordered from them before with no hassle, but wont be doin so in the future.I didn't even get an apology!
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  • milesemilese Posts: 1,233
    I've used Merlin quite a few times for various bits, including custom wheels and they've been spot on.

    I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Compared to the likes of Winstanleys, these are the good guys of the industry!!
  • Red PandaRed Panda Posts: 269
    I used to think they were truly excellent, but my last few phone calls asking advice before making certain purchases have been met with some totally disinterested guy giving monosyllabic answers..."The merlin computer says no" type stuff. Makes me want to take the p*ss out of him big time.

    The guy in the shop's excellent though, I think he's called Nigel. My advice? insist on speaking with Nigel, he is a lot keener than the '' drongo who picks up first.

    As for delivery, I've had super quick service :)
  • Can't fault them really, although my only problem has been that 1st class delivery seems to take about 3 days from dispatch email.

    For example last week my new camelback was dispatched tuesday from merlin, on thursday at 15:30 i ordered some glasses from CRC, both items arrived on the friday. So postal strike or not Merlin's 1st class is a day or two slower than CRC's
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  • Yep, I second the happy vote for Merlin - ordered a wheel off them a few weeks back and it arrived within 6 days of ordering. Pretty good for a custom build and delivery. Sounds like you just got unlucky with the post, though they should try and be a bit more helpful on the phone than you make them sound. Thankfully I had no need to chase them for anything.
  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    I ordered a few small bits on Sunday and I'm still waiting today (Thursday), I think it's just the mail system, I wish they'd give a bit of prior warning though. Still, they're normally very good!
  • papasmurf.papasmurf. Posts: 2,382
    Don't forget CRC is a large mai/webl order firm and merlins a bike shop with mail/web order, CRC will probably also have a dedicated business post pick up.
  • I have used Merlin loads and have always found them to be great, their prices put most competitors in the shade also, i can say that in all my purchases online and in the shop they have been very helpful and stuff has arrived super quick, I would second the calls that the post is likely to be at fault at the moment, i'm still waiting for novemebers WMB mag due out on 17th Oct!!
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    No complaints from me - I got a Rock Lobster a couple of years ago. No probs.
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    I bought a Burley kids trailer from them a couple of years ago, Burley hadn't assembled it correctly (bits missing). The UK importer was a pain and didn't seem to care, the overall experience was very painful but the Merlin guys were very good, especially as they were caught in the middle. They did sort it eventually and gave me something in way of compensation even though it was clearly the manufacturer at fault.

    That said I live locally so could actually go visit them at the shop, don't know if that made a difference.
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  • I hope they are OK just ordered a Malt 1 today!
  • I bought a new Merlin frame and needed a bit of help changing over the headset and chainset, The guys in there were more than helpful and although it took them a week, i had no grumbles. These guys are at the top of their league, I mean come on order a new Porsche, Lamo or Ferrari and your going to be waiting a year !!!!!! Highly recommend visiting their store in Leyland
  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    two thumbs up from me, although i'm a bit miffed that the spec of the malts has gone up for 2008 hehe must upgrade must upgrade :D
  • The new Malts are stunning value for money.They all come with full LX groupset and Rebas as standard now,which when you think a Malt 1 can be had for less than £600 is amazing.

    I've always had good service when I've ordered stuff from them.
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  • Ordered a Custom build Meta5 from them last week, despite truly mind-bogglingly poor customer service from one of the guys via email and over the phone{souds like the same mono-syllable loving gent mentioned earlier}. If their prices and discounts weren't so attractive I would have pulled the plug.

    Anyway yesterday I called them up to say that as I was temporarily moving out of my house due to flooding could I have the bike delivered elsewhere. "No problem" said the unusually cheerful and helpful chap, we're just awaiting delivery of the frame from distributor. Now at this I nearly blew a gasket and confirmed that I had checked the frame was in stock when I ordered it, so he says "Give's a minute" went away to check and came back to tell me theat they had one lying aside with my name on it! He asked the name of the chap I'd dealt with when ordering and when I told him he laughed and said "That explains a few things".

    So I guess what I'm saying is that every good company has good employees and sometimes they have numpties, the numpties tend to cause frustration for averyone involved.

    BTW not too hopeful about seeing the bike anytime soon TBH!! It'l lbe worth the wait though.
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  • crockycrocky Posts: 20
    Sounds like you had the same guy as me. Dealt with him over the phone and by email and he was a Grade A miserable git and really made me think about going elsewhere.

    Merlin, if you're reading, get him on a customer care course or hide him in some back office somewhere where he can't scare off the customers.
  • BrightyBrighty Posts: 119
    Well I ordered 2 sets of hope LED lights and a panaracer razer tyre yesterday lunchtime.

    1 set of lights and my tyre have just arrived at work, with 1 set of lights to follow, hooray, that’s what I call quick, especially with royal mail involved.

    I’m not fussed about when the 2nd set turn up, as my brother can bloomin well wait till Xmas for his prezzie, I have mine, that’s all that counts.

    Well done Merlin
  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    Toasty wrote:
    I ordered a few small bits on Sunday and I'm still waiting today (Thursday), I think it's just the mail system, I wish they'd give a bit of prior warning though. Still, they're normally very good!

    To further this one, half of my order arrived on last friday and I'm STILL awaiting one part, which was listed as in stock. Ngggh.
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