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Does anyone know a shop that can handle brazing up a bb shell and recutting it to 24 tpi. I have a Raleigh Twenty with 26 tpi threads and a 77mm bb shell.

I know I could go the Phil Wood route but this is expensive.

SJSC quoted me £25 but the shipping whacks it up and the cost could also rise when they get hold of it.


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    have you asked Argosracing?
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  • I believe Shimano do a BB that expands to fill the gap and doesn't actually use the thread. Particularilly useful if you have an old Viscount Aerospace. Let me know if a) that makes sense and b) you want details of where to get one. (I'll ask my mate, he has a number off Viscounts)
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    Sounds like a route worth exploring. 26 tpi threads stink unless everyone else has them.
  • I'll see him later as it's our Moto Morini Riders Club meeting in the pub tonight. I'll try and reply with details tomorrow.
  • I too have a Raleigh Twenty which I eventually hope to resurrect. In terms of the bottom bracket I thought maybe the YST/Acor BB may be suitable as it is threadless.
    Currently on sale for £13.75 from
    Don't know if it would solve the problem, but it may be worth considering.

    P.S. the link to byercycles doesn't seem to work and I dont know how to put it right ! :oops:
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    P.S. the link to byercycles doesn't seem to work and I dont know how to put it right ! :oops:

    remove the full stop after uk

    That ought to do it :D

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  • That's the one..................
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    Okay Sheldon has stopped selling that bb as it has quality issues. Also you needs to have expensive work done to the shell. It was worth considering as the Phil route is annoying.