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GT agressor XCR '07

syncrosyncro Posts: 120
edited November 2007 in MTB buying advice
Hi guys.
Anyone know anything about the GT Agressor XCR? Its a model built for Halfords and seems to be well spec'd for the money (Recon 351, Deore XT etc). Especially as they are now discounted to £637 from £749. Not sure what other models the frame is, or was, used on tho. All it says is butted superlight aluminium. Is this a good frame? The closest model in the official GT range is the Avalanche Expert. How do these compare? Anyone shed any more light?


  • i think the xcr is halfords version of the expert
    both pretty much the same bikes :wink:
    focus superbud
  • syncrosyncro Posts: 120
    Thats what i thought but if you compare the specs the XCR seems to be better (forks, brakes etc). So i was wondering if there were any compromises (older frame?) or is it Halfords buying power that enables the higher spec?
  • Older spec frame from what I've read in other posts
  • syncrosyncro Posts: 120
    Thats the impression i got. But even if it is an older spec frame i cant imagine it being poor quality and if i'm honest i probably would't be able to tell the difference anyway :)
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