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I lost it (again)

cntlcntl Posts: 290
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Ok, on my way from Shepperton to Chertsey. A long stretch with a nice, wide, good surface, shared pavement/cyclepath running parallel to a rather narrow and a bit bendy 40mph road. No wonder I prefer the cyclepath. The problem is as follows:
Pretty much EVERYDAY, there is a stretch with cars parked on the pavement. I mean literally parked in the middle, not even a ped would be able to squeeze through without getting on the road. Today I saw this large Land Rover or something parked in the middle, no easy way to get on the road (high kerb, plus the car obstructs the view of oncoming traffic). I see two guys sitting in the car, window open. I stop and say, in a very calm manner:

-“Do you know it is illegal to park on a pavement/shared cycle path?” (btw. is it really illegal???)

The answer, a cocky: “So what?”

At this point I must shamefully admit I lost it. His attitude really pissed me off. I said something I should not have said (especially since I wouldn't really do it, just wanted to 'scare' the guy). I said:

-“Next time I see you parked like that you'll find a nice scratch on the car.”

Shame on me. That was unnecessary, no need to point it out! My mistake, and I mentally promised myself to control it next time…

Anyway, at this time the guy went ballistic a bit. Gets out of the car, seemingly ready to fight and says:

-“Anything happens to this car I you bike will be crashed” (presumably along with me?)

I just stare at him, the other guy duly joined the first one, who said a few more nasty things, but I just left fuming.

I am pretty sure I will see that car there tomorrow. I am going to take my camera, and shot a video, possibly take a few photos of the car on the pavement (if you do not see it on this forum, then I am probably crashed haha). At any rate, I want to report it (that is, the way they park). Does anybody know whose job it is to deal with cars parked on pavements??? Ideally, I'd like the cars clamped and issued with a fixed penalty notice(?)


  • PlaxPlax Posts: 33
    Round here it is the local councils job to enforce parking. Since they took over from the Police it has been a nightmare - they have some sh*t hot traffic wardens, really keen. Blink and you have a ticket. Since the council presumably maintains the cycle paths I'd get in contact with your local highways department. If they are as keen as round here they'll probably send somebody over to blitz the place.
  • DavidTQDavidTQ Posts: 943
    I hate people parking on pavements its one of my pet hates when I walk into town with a double push chair and 4 kids having to go out into a road to get past :evil: even more annoying when theres plenty of parking space 100 yards down the road they just couldnt be arsed to walk from

    Just done a bit of searching if theres double yellows on the adjacent road its likelly the council, if there isnt double yellows its the police and its not parking on the pavement itself which is illegal but the obstruction caused.

    Perhaps the thing to do next time is to call the police about the obstruction making a nice show of stopping front of the vehicle and reading out the number plate and taking a picture etc :D, Of coure just pretending to do so would probably also have the desired affect.
  • neillcpneillcp Posts: 30
    Careful cntl,

    You might of upset the Staines Massive! Aiii!!
  • spasypaddyspasypaddy Posts: 5,179
    i lost it with some woman yesterday, i completely anticipated what she was going to do and was never in any danger of hitting her but as i was on my brand new bike i felt obliged to let her know that what she had done had endangered my life. I dont know if she apologised as i went round her and on my way.
  • mrchrispymrchrispy Posts: 310
    call the police - its a vehicle causing an obstruction.
    they might tall a patrol to stop if they have one close but don't expect them to turn up.
    I've done it before as it add to the statistics the love so much
  • secretsamsecretsam Posts: 4,904
    Am with you on the anger, but agree it can be a 'mare

    Boll :evil: cked a Golf who'd pulled into a London cycle lane to take a call on his mobile, gently advised him through his open window "Excuse me, young man, but did you know that this is a cycle lane and cars are not permitted, please move"

    Although I may have been a bit more succinct :twisted: and rude :roll:

    Anyway, he muttered "OK mate, calm down" and (to my utter amazement) drove off...

    It's just a hill. Get over it.
  • secretsamsecretsam Posts: 4,904
    ...and agree on the 'tell the authorities' line, those traffic warden types love ticketing flash cars

    They are absolute zealots where I live (Bucks), we used to live in a street where they introduced residents' permits, and I let one know there was a car parked illegally and the warden RAN (I kid you not) to bang a ticket on... 8)

    Mind you, everyone else hates their guts... :lol:

    It's just a hill. Get over it.
  • Gary RGary R Posts: 480
    Shepperton/Chertsey is full of chave/pickey scum. I have changed my commute to avoid that area!! I had so much hassle riding through Charlton village/Shepperton/Chertsey i decided to avoid the area!!!!
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  • tardingtontardington Posts: 1,379
    Heh! Next time don't speak to them, just key it. :twisted:

    Maybe a note under the windscreen wiper "Sorry, you were in the way... I've got new bar-ends btw.. sorry if they've got sharp edges" 8)
  • spen666spen666 Posts: 17,709
    those wing mirrors knock off very easily if you accidentally clip them as you ride past.

    Not to be taken as any call for you to damage them.

    They are expensive to repair apparently
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  • highway starhighway star Posts: 1,158
    CNTL, I use that road most days (Shepperton/Laleham road) I commute from Shepperton to Egham. Was it the Laleham Road or Shepperton Road you are talking about?

    In fact I passed a chap with a cycling plus shirt this morning riding towards Shepperton. Could that have been you? 7.40ish. I don't come here very often so it was strange to find this thread after seeing the jersey this morning.

    Anyway I will wave next time, lots of traffic today only just saw said cyclist. I am on an old steel Dawes Giro with blue jersey, 3/4 bib shorts.
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  • cntlcntl Posts: 290
    highway star, the times I cycle are varied, as I travel between branches (Chertsey <--> Shepperton) depending when they need me. However, the person you saw this morning was not me (I chose to drive today to give my legs some rest :oops: , I am doing up to 100 miles a week now). If I see you, I will wave. Should I shout: "Highway star!" ? :D Anyway, currently I am on a cheap red hybrid, skinny tires, blue jersey, recently I also wear hi vis and yellow-tinted glasses (can not me missed, haha).I will look out for you.
  • A - WA - W Posts: 253
    However annoying the plums are parking somewhere I would probably just get on with it.

    There will be little or no good from confronting someone over something. All it might do is wind you up, making you take your eye off your ride when you need to be concentrating.
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  • As far as I am concerned if you park in a cycle lane or in any other obstuctive way such as on a pavement your wingmirror is fair game.
  • BentMikeyBentMikey Posts: 4,895
    That would be both wrong and immoral though. I'm quite happy if cars park in the cycle lane, I rarely want to ride in it anyway.
  • I got so peed off with those big fat silver vehicles (that City chauffeurs use) parked up in the cycle lane that one morning I just rode up and 'crashed' into the front bumper. No damage (as intended) but enough impact to alert the fat suit sat reading his Sun. 'Sorry mate ! didn't see you parked in the cycle lane!' Went on my way and the next thing I know the big fat silver boss carrier is chaseing me! He overtakes and screeches to a halt in front of me - drivers door flung open the driver trys to get out to confront me - he appears very cross and I suspect in a combative mood so I doubles back. He may have given up the chase at this stage as he was very fat.

  • BentMikeyBentMikey Posts: 4,895
    Hahahahaha!!! That's well funny!
  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Just ignore them......really not worth the hassle as there are some real 'head the balls' out there..could have been nasty....
  • as others have said, your right to walk/cycle there so exercise it. If you collide with an illegally parked vehicle which is left with dangling floppy spaniel's ears for wing mirrors, so be it. on high-end cars they are expensive to fix, but not expensive enough to make it worth claiming on insurance ... very annoying!
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