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Advice wanted.

MrFishcpMrFishcp Posts: 137
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My son was riding to school today when his rear skewer snapped, locking the back wheel and nearly tossing him under a car.

Bike is about 3 weeks old, replacement for the one he had stolen. Do I have any other (legal?) options apart from getting the skewer replaced and stuffing him back on the beast?


  • shazzzshazzz Posts: 1,068
    Not sure what legal remedies you think should be available other than a warranty replacement, unless your son has suffered injury or other loss (torn clothes, etc). A skewer should certainly not break after three weeks so I would be looking for some kind of explanation from the retailer of why this happened and why it will not happen again. If this isn't adequate then you may be able to try and get a refund / exchange if you can demonstrate the wheel is not fit for purpose (sale of goods act???).

    What make is the bike / wheels???
  • term1teterm1te Posts: 1,460
    I think you would have to demonstrate some lack of due care from whoever sold you the bike, or that the skewer was faulty. It would be hard to show the first unless something really obvious had been done. The only time I’ve seen a skewer damaged was when the wrong sized wheel was fitted or forced onto a frame so that the skewer was pulling the dropouts together when holding the wheel in place. That would be obvious, but unlikely. It would also be hard to show that since the bike was purchased no one had „adjusted“ the skewer or wheel. When I bought my son a bike last year, the first thing I did was take the wheels off to fit it in the car.
  • MrFishcpMrFishcp Posts: 137
    Still waiting for the supplier to call me back, can't do a thing with the bike until they do.

    As to my previouscomments my son's mother is looking for someone to blame. She won't let him back on the bike once the skewer is replaced, considering it a "deathtrap".
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