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crankbrothers eggbeaters

egoregor Posts: 62
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i currentley use shimano spd pedals, find them ok, apart from being a bit heavy and prone to clogging with mud, anyone any experience of eggbeaters or both? cheers


  • My Candy's (beaters with a small platform) are light (298g/pair) and are supposedly one of the best designs where mud is concerned. They are expensive, and I find a bit of difficulty clipping in if conditions are poor. They have a reputation for eating the bottom of your shoes too. When I changed my cleats into different shoes, I felt that i was no longer in contact with the platform and everything has become a bit slidey.
    I'm seriously considering switching to Time ATAC's. Or flats.
    Never used Shimano SPD's for more than a few minutes.
  • I started in Shimano pedals, and changed to eggbeaters about 4 years ago.

    They have been excellent, and clear mud and bits of stick far more reliably than SPDs, and I like the idea of release tension being independant of the vertical retention.

    There is a bit of an issue with them eating shoe soles and cleats, but this is easily resolved with "shoesavers" and premium cleats - a small price to pay, I felt!

    However, Since the initial pair of egbeaters I've bought 2 more bikes, and so 2 more pairs of pedals.

    I went with the candies for both bikes, and had to replace the bearings within 6 months.

    I bought some new eggbeaters at the beginning of the year, and within 4 months not only had the bearings collapsed but one of the "hoops" had broken off.

    I've given up on Crank Brothers!...

    I'm now running time and so far they've been excellent, all of the benefits of the eggbeaters and none of the drawbacks.

    Hope this helps a bit...
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