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Dixie_CrapDixie_Crap Posts: 3
edited October 2007 in MTB buying advice
I have recently decided to get back into bikes; I haven't been into cycling since i was 13 and had a claud butler virago with some horrible SR Suntour forks.
But now that I am older and have a job i think i can do a bit better than that.
The biggest problem is that there are so many bikes that are so competitive.

My budget is around £600 which unfortunately seems to fall in the zone where lower end bikes become higher spec on a cheap frame or a better frame with poor components.


I will be using the bike for mostly country trails and wooded jaunts, but nothing too serious. I like the idea of an XC bike like a Gary Fisher piranha that I could also ride on the road with reasonable comfort, but love the look of the dirt jump bikes like the Iron Horse Sachem 3.0 and norco bigfoot etc. (But not tiny framed ones).

So somewhere in the middle ground would be nice (if it exists).

Any recommendations as to a bike that covers these kinds of styles within this price range would be good.

Cheers guys


  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    I think for the money you have to spend you should definitely consider a '06 or '07 bike that is in the sales.

    You can pick up some pretty good deals at the moment for the money you are spending. If you look around very closely online you could probably pick up a £1000(ish) bike that will have a good frame and good kit on it for about £600

    £600 is an 'awkward' amount of money (if that makes sense :lol: ) to spend as you're not getting a lot more unless you spend £1000+

    A dirt jump bike is a no-no for the type of riding you want to do. I don't think you'll need an XC race bike either so basically what you're looking for is a decent trail/AM rig...

    Do you want longer travel forks? Or would you be happy with 100mm of travel - sounds as if you would ideally need something more than 100mm.....

    There really are tonnes of options here....

    Would you be thrashing the bike around a lot?

    I also notice that you want to do some road riding so that throws anything too heavy out of the window.... you also dont want a bike with too much travel

    I would defo recommend a hardtail anyways (but I am biased as I love 'em) as you will defo get more bang for your buck.....

    Let me have a think about what may suit you.......

    Anyone else?
  • I am not too bothered about long travel (although it does look sweet!)
    I don't think that i'll be thrashing it around too much to be honest, certainly not frame snapping abuse.

    i'll get looking for the 06/07sale bikes then

    cheers for the advise cheesey!

    if anyone spots a good deal let me know!
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