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Thinking of going tubeless.

davethejackaldavethejackal Posts: 65
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I've just had a puncture and since I removed my rims are 'tubeless' (bontrager race disc tubeless, apparently, and yeah I should have guessed from the name :lol: ) so am thinking of going tubeless. What do I need? Just a tubeless tyre? Sealant? Some sort of valve?

Anyone have any recommendations for tyres? Are these any good?

This lot seem to like it but dunno about the quality of their reviews :wink: : ... x-2in-9241

It just seems crazy having the extra weight of a tubeless liner/rim and not going tubeless. Makes me wonder what Trek were thinking. The bike is a Top Fuel 8 2007.

EDIT; just found this, so that part of the problem is solved: ... less-12983

I also found this ... -setup.htm
Is a CO2 canister really needed?
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  • cjwcjw Posts: 1,889
    I would advise using sealant as well as the tubeless tyres. I've recently gone tubeless with new bike and didn't bother with sealant at first... since then I've had 2 punctures - ome about 5 miles out! Sealant fixed them fine when I got back and added it. SO tubeless tyres will puncture.

    A normal floor pump will inflate tubeless tyres - just use a little dilute washing up liquid around the inside of the rims (just a quick wipe with a soapy cloth between the tyre bead and rim seems to do the trick and, I found, turn the bike upside down to ensure there is no weight on the tyre (ie from the tyre being on the ground).

    Also carry a spare inner tube incase you get a puncture that the sealant can't seal. With the gunk inside a patch prbably won't stick, so I worse comes to worse you can pop in an inner tube. I imagine you will need a couple of valves (my rims came already installed and a couple of spares).
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Tubeless all the way :D

    Glad the blog entry was of some use!
  • Ok so what particular brands would you recommend? LBS suggests Jones ACX, which is what the bike came with (tubed version). Evans recon just stick with the existing tyres and stick valves a liner and sealant in there and it should be ok.

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  • thaibogthaibog Posts: 271
    Most tyres will work tubeless with sealant.

    The only tyre that i found wont work is a kenda nevagall 2.35 wire bead.

    When you fit a tubeless tyre make sure you have a co2 canister/pump.
    Fires it on the bead straight away then fifnish with a track pump.

    Tyres i have used with crossmax enduro ust compatible

    Panaracer cinder bead and folding 2.25
    Panaracer 2.1 fire xc pro folding
    Panaracer 2.1 trailraker
    Intense system 4 2.25
  • terraterra Posts: 32
    I fitted tubeless yesterday, using the Bontrager mud x tyres on mavic ust rims, I needed to buy two valves and a bottle of sealant (bontrager super juice). The tyres went on quite easily after I used some washing up liquid around the inner rim, a track pump was fine, no need for CO2. having removable core valves makes adding the sealant much easier. PS The Mud X tyres won't hold air wthout sealant, they are "tubeless ready" not UST

    Just checked them, they've stayed at full pressure all night, so we'll be out for our first ride together today.

    I'll let you know how it goes
  • cjwcjw Posts: 1,889
    terra wrote:
    I The tyres went on quite easily after I used some washing up liquid around the inner rim, a track pump was fine, no need for CO2.

    I've found the same as you, no need for CO2, just washing up liquid and a track pump. I have also managed to inflate my USTs with a mini-pump and washing up liquid once, but it was bloody hard work!
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