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Back wheel wobble.

remogazremogaz Posts: 3
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My first post, been been around a while casually reading the forums, this little problem has got me to register.

I had to remove my back wheel yesterday to repair a puncture. When I reattached the wheel, I noticed a squeal coming from the back wheel when I leaned one way.
The wheel while attached, skewers fully tightened, wobbles by a magnitude of about 1cm, maybe more, enough to make the wheel rub against the brakes on one side.
I cant get to the bike just now, just wondering does anyone has any ideas as to what I should be looking for when I inspect it?


  • jkmjkm Posts: 80
    sounds like the hub bearings have come loose. if they are cup and cone bearings it fairly easy to tighten them but you will probably need a pair of thin hub spanners. if they are cartridge bearings i dont know what to do but have a read of this

    what kind of wheels are they?
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Hi Remogaz & welcome to the Forum

    Do you mean there is play in the hub (which should be easy to feel as the rim can be moved easily from side to side with the wheel stationary in the frame) or do you mean that the rim hits the brake pads as it rotates?

    If the latter, you need to re-true your wheel - a fairly simple if fiddly process if you have the right tools for the job, otherwise best handled by your local bike shop. See Park Tools website for tips on how to do it yourself
  • The cones were actually a bit loose. Re-adjusted and all is well.
    Thans for the help.
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