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Bar tape - Cork, gel or specialized phat tape?

daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 9,648
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What would people recommend from the following: ... Bar%20Tape ... Bar%20Tape ... Bar%20Tape

Any personal experience and opinions would be gratefully received!


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  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    used them all - the Cinelli cork is nice and good value - leave the bars rather thin for my liking.

    the cinelli gel sorts this and is nice and spongy in use, looks great, lasts well (so does the regualr cork) but a bit expensive.

    the bar phat stuff - I currently have this on both the geared road bike and the fixed. the geared bike has the 4.5mm pads under easton cork tape and the fixed has the 2.5mm pads under fizik microtex tape.

    imo the 4.5mm pads are too thick - my bars look enormous. the 2.5mm is ideal and could be combined with the gel tape if you wanted (else the non-paded bits of the bars will feel thin) - the bar phat pads with fizik tape on my fixed is a lovely combination it really is.

    also the barphat is limited to black tape, if thats a concern to you.

    unless of course you buy other tape at the same time - adds to the cost a bit of course..
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