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Stumpjumper or Enduro

bentspikebentspike Posts: 4
edited October 2007 in MTB buying advice
I sat on a 2008 Specialized Enduro on Saturday and fell in love. I can't help wondering though, whether the Stumpjumper would better suit my needs. Mostly, I riide towpaths, bridleways and the dreaded tarmac. If I'm very lucky, and our holiday destination takes in some hills, then I may get to actually do some downhilling.

Right now I ride a knackered DiamondBack so anything is gonna feel like I've been re-born. However, after buying a new road bike already this year, it is unlikely I'll ever persuade "she who must be obeyed" that after this bike I'll need another.

Basically, I've got to get it right.

Please help me. . . . . .


  • They say any excuse is a good excuse.
    I have just purchased the Enduro SL Pro Carbon 2008 after a bit of tuning I am finding it difficult to get off it.
    I have been on the Stumpjumper, great bike, I thought of the SX as I ride hard and with little consideration for the bike when it takes the jumps.. but the SX is great only going down, Orange, Whyte, Trek, Kona, and the list goes on and for the price and a steep one it is.... I cannot think of anything better.
    What a bike.
    Would I recommend it well, what do you think!
    It gives you everything you could ever ask for..... EVER!!!
  • milesemilese Posts: 1,233
    I would have thought that an Enduro was overkill for the riding you do. You'll just be lugging around weight that you dont need to, so it will slow you down.

    I borrowed a stumpjumper for the weekend and it was really nice, very pleasent climbing hills and, although the weather stopped me properly testing it, it seemed fine on the rough, loose, rocky downhill sections I tried it on.

    Get a demo bike from your local dealer for the weekend and try them both.
  • Go in between!

    The Pitch (no pun intended) is pitched between the Enduro and Stumpy!

    For the riding you say your gonna do, think the stumpy will be ideal!
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