London to Brighton on a single....

I'll be in London with my single speed from the States coming up in a week or so ( and I expect nothing but blue sunny skies the whole time). Is this a do-able excursion on a single for a day or two? Looking at the profile it's hard to tell what the hills are like. Anybody done it? Mmmmmm, I can already feel the warm surf and fine white pristine sand engulfing my body!


  • redvee
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    My only experience of the route profile is that the final miles up Ditchling Beacon are a little pointed and could involve a walk depends on your gearing.
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  • Fab Foodie
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    Have done it fixed numerous times on a 42x15 gear. Not really a difficult run, Ditchling Beacon and Turners Hill are doable on that gear with a bit of grunting (even as a 20 roll-ups a day man).
    Go for it!

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  • Yep doable ok I've done it a few times on 46 x 18 68" gear and on 49 x 18 72" gear, Ditchling Beacon is the hardest part of it but not impossible :)
  • Ashley_R
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    The speed most people go up Ditchling Beacon sure you can make it up, people were even roller blading up it this year!!

    Will be fun on the run into Brighton, set off a 40mph speeed camera coming downhill, plus I was breaking hard as well!! :shock:
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