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Why are there no cycling videos showing Miguel Indurains 5 tour winning years - and others?? Jashings of Lance, Mountains of Mercx, hordes of Hinault, not to mention the earlier greats.

He was'nt the worlds most exciting or charismatic guy but he sure was the best cyclist of his era. And he seemed honest and drug free - just a farmers son made good, despite his large frame. I did a lot of road side tour watching at this time so it would be good to reminiss. :o


  • I think youve probably answered your own question bigmug. Granted the DVDs of past tours are nice to watch but Mig won in a style that was less than spectator friendly. Wait till the TTs and then blow everyone away. It bacame predictable (apply same argument to a lesser extent to armstrong), and not very interesting to watch
  • You can get the 1991 and 1992 tours on DVD and the 1993 and 1994 tours on VHS from the Cycling Weekly shop on their website.
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