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who's pissed tonight?

lordhelmetlordhelmet Posts: 60
edited October 2007 in The Crudcatcher
i'm fecking wasted, been on pop since 3pm


  • joed05joed05 Posts: 794
    not the place to say this, go on the sandbox part of the forum. and im tipsy thankoo very much.
    Best quote ever (pinkbike): "i've heard that Hill pees, deffecates, vomits and masturbates before each race to keep the weight down"
  • ddoogieddoogie Posts: 4,159
    I've been serving you drunkards (metaphorically) all night and now I can safely say that, I too, am wasted! Free drinks for me!
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    I'll see you at the end.

    You'll see me on the floor.
  • Dodgex1Dodgex1 Posts: 1,306
    Well my definition of "wasted" is blatantly different to you two, I wouldn't be able to turn the computer on if I was wasted nevermind get the BR Forums and type a coherent message.
    "This is ******!, We can't ride out bikes in the dirt like this!"
  • El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 6,401
    Erm, stone cold sober (as always for me). :D

    That said, I have discovered very low alcohol Stella in Asda this afternoon, so I shall be partaking in a few "beers" later after a night ride.
  • I'm not seeing as I have college tomorrow.
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