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Sun Cream USE IT!!!

jellybellywmbjellybellywmb Posts: 1,379
edited December 2007 in The Crudcatcher
Just been diagnosed with Skin Cancer 3 weeks ago. :(
Got a Melenoma in the little section of my shin between bottom of my 3 qaurter lengths and sock tops,you know that little bit you always miss.

Had a large section of my shin and calf removed and various other biopsys :cry:
Post op got blood clots on my lungs and am now having to inject myself everyday to avoid further clots.

Morbid topic I know but if it makes you wear more sun cream and cover up when poss then I feel its worth it to stop anyone else going through the same.

Upside is I sat on the bike today and managed to pedal one legged round the block before my wife noticed :P
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  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
    sorry to hear :o , wont be needing much suncream in the u.k :wink:
  • Thats kinda sad to hear that... I use it for every biking trip over there in this All Day, Hot Summer country,Singapore... Wish i could stay with my uncle is London :wink:
  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    Sorry to hear that man. WIll make sure that I cover up from now on!!

    I had a bloodclot on the lung after I broke my tib and fib a few years back so I know the pain you must have gone through. It was worse than breaking my leg :cry:

    Are you on Heparin or Warfarin?

    I hope that you make a speedy recovery my friend! :wink:
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