Is this any good?

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I am looking for a road bike. Not my first choice of pedal power I'm afraid, but I am planning to do a couple of 'sprint' triathlons in 2008 and want a bike that will serve me well.

I had originally been looking at (what I would consider) the usual suspects. This being Specialized Allez (I like this bike), Trek, Giant etc.

That was until I came across this: ... dba33f8910

I think the spec is pretty good (I'm no roadie) and the fact they spec the stem, gearing etc to fit you (inc in the price), it sounds excellent value.

Am I missing something?
Am I better still going for the Allez?
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  • I've never dealt with Dave Hinde, but I know he has a pretty dreadful reputation. Probably best to look elsewhere.
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    I was looking at his bikes online aswell, just spent the last 30 mins googling dave hinde :shock: . some of the abuse people seem to get is unreal, if you read cycle weekly it seems like a very profesional company, not so!
  • I bought some gear (mtb wheels,frame and forks) by mail order from DH several years ago. I will NEVER use this company again. Rude staff, broken promises and outright lies regarding stock availability and despatch details.
  • I'd just go out and get a Giant SCR3 (2007) for £350 or you can have the 2008 model with little difference in spec for around £500. Nice bike for the money and very popular.

    When you've done, you can always sell it or more likely really enjoy it and keep it!
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    Not sounding too good then.

    Anyone bought from the shop (as opposed to 'online')?
    or had a good experience with them?

    Am I right in saying that it is a good spec?
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    A have a number of cycing collegues who reguarly visit the shop for MTB and road equipment and they all say the service is good and value for money is excellent.
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    I can't comment on his framebuilidng but I bought some handbuilt wheels from Dave Hinde a few years ago and they were absolutely shocking. They were completely out of true right out of the box and the staff weren't very helpful when I sent them back to be fixed. This from the self proclaimed best wheelbuilder in the UK. I believe the frames are built in italy to Hinde's specification but I personally wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.