Muscle rubs. Worth it, any good?

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My thighs (the fronts) are still aching after a 25 mile ride on Tuesday. I had last night off, but they still ache today, but I want to go out again tonight. Should I sit it out again or ride through it? Alternatively, would a muscle rub cream like deep heat etc help?





  • My gf goes out for runs and I go along as her 'trainer'. After long rides I found that doing this the next few days loosens my legs up. Maybe do a ride but take it nice and easy. Also might be worth doing some stretches after a ride which is what I'm starting to do now with good results.
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    Wives and g/fs are the best muscle rubs!!

    Seriously, stretching after a ride will help.

    I also like to have a gentle ride if my thighs ache.
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    Cheers guys. Not sure if the wife will like the idea of a gentle rub & ride, but we shall see :lol:

  • Deep heat defnitely helps - hams were killing last Monday - deep heated them before I went for a run and by Tuesday they were fine again. Give it a go!
  • My whole paintball team swear by Biofreeze for achey joints & muscles, great stuff.
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