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UK Six Day racing

heathrow86heathrow86 Posts: 228
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Does anyone know why the UK does not have a new 6 day racing event, especially since track racing is pretty popular. They could have one at the O2 arena in London or elsewhere after all we had the Skol six in 1980 i think. Any ideas?


  • Ste_SSte_S Posts: 1,173
    The Revolution series is the closest we probably get to a six day here. Maybe it's something the Face Partnership are looking at ?

    I'd imagine it'd probably be at Manchester if we did have one, it'd probably cost too much to set up a track at the O2; and not have the attendance needed to make it viable.
  • It'd have to be at Manchester, if anywhere. The cost & logistics of building a track for just a single event would be prohibitive.
    Track racing may be popular here, but popular enough to get enough paying customers every night for 6 nights?
    Maybe when Leicester gets a replacement for Saffron Lane (assuming it's covered) then that's possible too. Easier access from London also.
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  • Ste_SSte_S Posts: 1,173
    London is getting an indoor velodrome too, but that's not until 2012 for the Olympics.

    Maybe with the dominance of Team GB in track racing, and hopefully with a large medal haul in 2008 and 2012 we might see an upsurge of interest in this country. Then you might be able to get a six day of the ground.

    If you want to see six day action now, Ghent is probably your best bet what with the Eurostar into Belgium. Something I hope to be able to get along too one day.

    On a side note, I've recently read a book about Major Taylor. He did an old style six day at Madison Square Gardens, eight hours on the bike, then one sleeping. It's probably no surprise that he was hallucinating by the end what with the lack of sleep and food, and the probable industrial quantities of drugs.
  • nick hansonnick hanson Posts: 1,655
    Thought south Wales had a top class indoor track?.
    If logic was involved,you'd have it at Manchester,being within an hour or so's drive of quite a large catchment area of the population.Then again,whenever did logic have anything to do with things,when we have the National football stadium built in London rather than,say,just south of Birmingham?
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  • MichuelMichuel Posts: 269
    It's always said that it's uneconomic to put on a commercial event without subsidy at Manchester. I think their max seating is 3000.
  • It would be good if there was a replacement for Saffron Lane in Leicester but I really would be amazed if such a thing happened. Still, I can live in hope of a covered track 15 minutes away.
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  • The sixes that I have seen (apart from the Skol) have been improved by the beer,band and general atmosphere

    Although Revolution is good for an evening- i think we would struggle to get enough people who were interested to sustain another 5 evenings
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