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I Assisted a Guy in going Totally APOPLECTIC This Morning

prj45prj45 Posts: 2,208
edited October 2007 in Commuting chat
So, I'm coming east round the Aldwych, and there's a 4x4 doodling around in the three lanes on the left.

I go around him and he's holding a map in one hand and texting or dialling on a phone in the other.

I shout, "Do you really think that's a sensible thing to do in a car?".

Like I said, he went APOPLECTIC with rage.

I didn't hear much of what he had to shout as it was so distorted (even though he had wound down his window to shout it), but I caught "Mind your own business" (it was my business).

He tried to strong arm me with his vehicle but I just kept riding, and we parted on Kingsway, me smiling sweetly at him.

Nice man!


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