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Canondale Bad Boy vs Giant Escape M Zero vs Trek 6000

tarqtarq Posts: 5
edited October 2007 in Commuting chat
aaaaaaaargh feel like i have been to every bike shop in london. Its driving me mad. This seems to be my short list of bikes having been to Cycle Surgery Action Bikes and Evans.

Problem is i have not ridden a bike for 14 years so they all feel pretty amazing.

7 mile each way commute, last time i did this was when i was a student and ended up just cycling round london for censored and giggles, so might end up with more use than that.

So what do you lot recommend either out of the above or a stand out alternative. i am 6'3" so need bikes taht have decent size frame options.




  • WySWyS Posts: 254
    get a road bike, unless you intend to go off road.

    you will wish you had once the novilty wears off and you want to go faster ;]
  • As long as it fits you, you are happy witht the budget I wouldn't worry too much.. All 3 will be decent quality machines, get the one that really grabs your attention be it colourscheme, some pimpy bit of kit or whatever. Then you will like it more & ride it more. The more time you are indecisive the less riding time you have!
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