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Carron Valley/Pollok Park

Dizzy the EggDizzy the Egg Posts: 153
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I've just started this MTB lark and have been practicing round Pollok Park to get my confidence up.

I've heard contradictory info on Carron Valley. Some sites say there is stuff for people of all abilities, but other say it is solely red routes. Could anyone help me out on this one?

I can manage the red on Pollok Park but Pollok's tiny andI don't want to go to Carron Valley and do 11k of reds if the standard jump is too high.



  • ceecee Posts: 4,553

    I would say that Carron Valley is low reds. It has suffered from the stupidity of the forestry commission who have rated the 'fun park' (a bunch of jumps at the final section of trail) as black! I have seen kids as young as five having a great laugh!

    Like most trails though, they are as difficult as you want to make them (up to a point).....need something more taxing.....increase speed!

    But.... Carron Valley has one stone staircaise near the top that could be daunting for beginners, but is not actually all that bad, then reasonalby straightforward the rest of way down. Be prepared for the jumps in the fun park though....excess speed here will launch you!
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  • Cheers for the advice.

    Went today and it was ace! Apart from 1 MTB lesson in Glentress and a few jaunts round Pollok that was the first trail I've done.

    Did'nt go down the rock staircase but managed everything else okay, a few more trips and I'll be firing down it, hopefully still attached to my bike!
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