Animal testing?

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Just had a thought that some may find distasteful but it made me giggle and has some good points so bear with me!
Why test on animals? is it cheap? are results useful regarding human illness? vested interests a problem? moral issues?
I guess the answers would be they don't complain, expensive, not very, definately.
So how about testing on Sex offenders, serial killers and serious criminals? it would be cheaper when they eventually died , we could use their organs for transplants, it would probably reduce crime , I mean going to prison and possibly getting Bum*ed is one thing but being experimented on is quite another!
I am not a Veggie or activist I just think it is more er logical, fair and um useful.
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  • Good idea, but I wouldn't want the organ of a sex offender that had had drugs tested on them thanks.
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    Animal Testing?

    Does the government make them do Sats at various stages of their edumakashion?

    Are the Grades they get improving as a result of tests getting easier?
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    I'm anti animal testing.

    I think there are just as good, if not better, alternatives out there albeit at a higher price.

    If it was a member of my family that depended on drugs tested on animals? I dunno. I'd like to think not...........

    As for sex offendors, I think Bonj may be on to something. They could be chopped up and used as spares for transplants. It'd solve the organ transplant waiting lists and the overcrowded prison problems in one go and reduce taxation.
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