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Bertie finally signs...

iainf72iainf72 Posts: 15,784
edited October 2007 in Pro race
Fckin' Quintana … that creep can roll, man.


  • bipedalbipedal Posts: 466
    seems like Rominger was just putting the boot in on behalf of his dispossessed pal Biver
  • LangerDanLangerDan Posts: 6,132
    Astana appears to becoming a "target-rich" environment -all they have to do is sign Rasmussen and they'll have the full set. Looks like all Anne Gripper has to do is post a permanent testing rep. in the Astana and T-Mobile camps and most of the usual suspects are under surveillance.
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  • Another blow to the sports image. Can't stomach the thought of Contador winning the Tour de France next summer for that lot with Johan in the team car.
  • vermootenvermooten Posts: 2,697
    Gotta disgaree with the sentiment expressed so far on this thread. I believe that the top management at Astana to be genuine in their desire to try again - hence the importing of the CSC anti-doping scheme and of Johann B (who we all believe to be as dodgy as f*ck but who we also know has never employed a rider who's tested positive on his watch).

    Not sure if any of Astana's current riders have a doping past. As an aside, I think it brave of Slipstream to hire a known cheater (Millar) in these times.

    I do wish that Contador would either be charged with something or proven not to be "AC" - but how can you prove something to not be the case?

    Doubtless we'll have more and more to say about these things.
    You just have to ride like you never have to breathe again.

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  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    vermooten wrote:
    Not sure if any of Astana's current riders have a doping past.
    They were all over the Dauphiné like a rash. I won't name names but look up the results from the stages and the whole team was on fire. Perhaps they're talented but given their track record...
  • vermootenvermooten Posts: 2,697
    Ach sorry Kléber what I meant was that I wasn't sure if any of the current Astana team had ever had been caught doping.
    You just have to ride like you never have to breathe again.

    Manchester Wheelers
  • ajohn9ajohn9 Posts: 260
    i also dont agree with the negative sentiment on this thread, lets give em a chance
  • I'm not sure after their year in 2007 why the should be given a chance. However if the UCI deems them fit then we will have to watch them. As someone else suggested, I'd station Gripper on the Astana team bus.
  • iainf72iainf72 Posts: 15,784
    If they implemented the CSC stylee program, then they'd have to be considered cleaner than most teams.

    Fckin' Quintana … that creep can roll, man.
  • drenkromdrenkrom Posts: 1,062
    Whatever measures they put in place, from now on there will forever be raised eyebrows accompanying the name Astana. If they use the same program as CSC, they'd have to be considered clean, though. Or incredibly clever. We will be questioning their results, that's guaranteed. And we'll be questioning their sudden lack of results if they can't win. So they're in a touchy situation, whatever they do. On the plus side, a sponsor has the confidence to keep its money in cycling despite the horrible connotations now associated with its name. If that's not dedication to the sport...

    At least my friend can keep wearing his Astana jersey without causing too much raucous in the paceline. Not like my Kazakh champion's Liberty Seguros jersey...
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