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Jonah2940Jonah2940 Posts: 58
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I'd like to add an extra front light for my commute for visibility on an unlit cycle path.
It seems that headtorches are cheaper than bike lights and most offer more light for a cheaper price. Does anyone wear a headtorch on their helmet and do they actually fit on the helmet. Was looking at something like this: ... 20Headlamp


  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    It looks good, but I don't think it will easily fit a helmet without modification
  • Thanks for the advice. I found a review of it on this site after I posted which said it goes on a helmet. There's a no quibble return if it doesn't so I'll send it back if I can't get it to fit. Had it for a very good price too. Wll let you know the quality.
  • bryanmbryanm Posts: 218
    Head torches is always a hot topic on off-road running websites at this time of year. The number 1 choice of late seems to be the Petzel Myo XP. It's on Wiggle, but it's cheaper here, ... ckID=16350

    No idea about helmet mounts though!
  • RonLRonL Posts: 90
    I use a Petzel Tikka Plus threaded through the front of my helmet ( Specialized Telluride) its is good for riding on dark country roads at a reasonable speed 17 / 18 mph. Have an old Cateye Opticube on the bars and a tail light. Also wear a builders flourescent vest for visibility. The light is good and having a ratchet system you can adjust the beam distance, other advantage is you see everywhere you turn your head. Iv'e tried several combinations over the years and find this the brightest without the need for spending a fortune or rechargables. The petzel myo is probably brighter still.
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