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Almost got mowed this morning

cntlcntl Posts: 290
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A "psychic"(?) hunch saved me. A steady stream of cars was overtaking me as I was approaching the rail bridge in Chertsey. Suddenly I felt very uneasy and did something I normally do not do--I cycled around a drain but on the inside (i.e. inches from the kerb!). I barely started this maneouvre when I greyish car overtook me so close it must have been a couple of inches away from my handlebar. Had I not done this strange maneouvre and kept cycling at about a 'stretched arm's length' away from the kerb then I am sure I would have been knocked over at 20mph (the car was doing around 40mph). And just to clarify this: he could not have possibly seen me going around the kerb earlier --it just happened too fast (thus I didn't "invite" him/her to overtake me). The most annoying thing is the road is quite wide!!! i was inches away from an accident!!!


  • cntlcntl Posts: 290
    Maybe the Punture Fairy, out of frustration with Marathon Plus tires, found a new way to get me??? Should I apologize for my arrogance while I still have all the limbs???
  • OddballcpOddballcp Posts: 197
    I rely on sight, hearing and ESP. It works for me.
    Friends all tried to warn me but I held my head up high...
  • RufusARufusA Posts: 500
    Glad you survived the incident unscathed.

    I've had similar ESP like moments on a bicycle. I wonder if it's our finely tuned sense of survival that picks up subtle changes in wind, car engine / road tyre noise and takes appropriate action.

    No doubt someone will be along in a minute to talk about primary....

  • in the wirein the wire Posts: 79
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  • BentMikeyBentMikey Posts: 4,895
    Crikey mate, glad you're OK!! What worries me is that this guy might not even have noticed you.
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