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Breathing discomfort

chrisFLchrisFL Posts: 8
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First post on this forum so apologies if this or a similar subject has been covered.........

I have been back in the saddle for over a year now and a problem I have been experiencing is during the start of a ride (the first 20 minutes or so). I get discomfort in the lungs which could be described as a burning sensation. Being the wrong side (or right side depending on your outlook on life...) of 45 the immediate response of my GP was to wheel out the ECG etc but nothing adverse was found. Lung capacity is good too.

The discomfort is a drag as I tend to stop quite frequently, but it is as though the lungs are getting warmed up as after a while the discomfort disappears, however I would like to not have to go through this every time.

Thoughts, comments, remedies welcome

Thanks in advance



  • owen_MTBowen_MTB Posts: 222
    try breathing through your nose rather then your mouth, especially when it is cold outside. When you breath through your mouth the cold air 'freezes' your lungs causing a pain. like a brain freeze from a lolly when you put loads in your mouth all at one time 8)
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  • Thanks for the advice. Will give it a go.
  • i know it may sound silly, but use chewing gum when you ride (black mint airwaves are the best) it keeps your mouth and throat lubricated.
    give it a try and you'll see what i mean
  • Sounds different but its worth a go!!!!!!
  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    lungs on fire! i call it, i remember it from back in my cross country running school days. i get awful burning lungs it feels like they're going to burst but only in cold plus damp weather so autumn and winter are going to hurt for me. is it something to do with less oxygen in damp and cold weather? i chew gum too it works great keeps my mouth moist.
  • Well the black mint did help, and I think that it also made me breathe more through the nose. So that combination did improve things.

    Thanks for your help guys

  • no probs, its good to share my expertise in keeping things moist
  • You are a man of great knowledge Lord H

    Long may you continue to keep things moist :)
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