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Extra Wheel trailer

DeckieDeckie Posts: 3
edited November 2007 in Tour & expedition
This has been reccomended to me to use on our tandem. I quite fance a trailer anyway to take the weight off the bike itself (already overloaded with me on it!) when we do JOGLE next year.

Not keen on two wheel trailers & having seen a Bob Yak, that looks a bit long in combination with a tandem, but is the best I've seen otherwise (other than the Weber, but thats too many £'s).

Any advice welcome!


  • andrew_sandrew_s Posts: 2,511
    It was good enough for this chap.

    From what I've heard they are fine with normal touring gear, but not too good with very heavy loads (and also fairly obviously no good for outsize or weird-shaped luggage).
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    Edinburgh Cycles do a trailer a bit like the Bob, but cheaper at £125.
  • El GordoEl Gordo Posts: 394
    I've done miles and miles on a tandem towing a Bob Yak and it handles like a dream. I guess it is pretty long but that's only an issue when you're trying to find a wall long enough to park it. Going forwards you hardly know it's there at all (apart from the weight dragging you back down the mountain).

    Those extra wheel trailers look a little tricky to pack whilst with the Bob you just chuck it all in one big bag. The Edingburgh Cycles bob copy is probably a good bet too.
  • The Extrawheel is impressive - we're using one on our tour in SW China at the moment. True, it's more awkward to pack than the BOB, but you soon develop a technique. It's easier to hitch and definitely performs better of road, thanks to the bigger wheel which rolls well (and doubles up as a spare) and the shorter wheelbase. It's cheaper and lighter. I'd agree that it's not ideal for heavy loads on a solo bike, as the trailer can start to 'wag' (as do other singlewheelers) at higher speeds, particularly if you're standing - packing the load as low as possible helps. This is much less of an issue with tandems. Overall though, I really like it.
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