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My brooks just fell to bits and the cars at the mechanics

dombatdombat Posts: 96
edited October 2007 in Commuting chat
Got home today, lifted the bike by the saddle to allow rear entry to shed and the saddle came clean off in my hand! Its a "Team pro".

The rails have fatigued over a fair time judging by the different colours of the metal where it has snapped. I've only had it 3 years, but it has covered a pretty big mileage.

I usually cycle to work with the car as an expensive backup plan, but that's with the mechanic currently been tinkered with.

Looks like i'll be walking the 6 miles to work tomorrow :-(


  • cntlcntl Posts: 290
    I would probably run it (but I’ve been running for years now, albeit much less now that I started cycling). If you jog at least semi-regularly, it could be an option. My work colleague run 6 miles in little over 35 minutes(!) or so, he's very fit and made me jealous--that's an extremely good time! (he was not running to work though).

    PS. If you decide to walk, it should take no more than 1h 30 minutes, probably much less if you are fast walker.
  • tardingtontardington Posts: 1,379
    Yep, should take about that long... Well, it took me an hour to do 4 miles during a bus strike, and no bike.

    I generally keep my old saddles in a corner for years btw! Or is there a kids/wife bike to steal the saddle off? Even try the neighbours for an emergency borrow? *looks at watch* maybe not now... :oops:
  • dombatdombat Posts: 96
    Yeah was thinking of walk-running. I'm a bit of a chunker (100Kg) but it would be a good way to lose some weight.

    Lovely morning today too, but a little chilly. Girlfriend gave me a lift :-)
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