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Frankie's Long way home tour, helps, advices partners needed

frank_tourfrank_tour Posts: 3
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This is Frankie, I m from china and currently living in UK dong my PHD degree, as I m going to finish my thesis next year, I got a plan to ride home all the way from europe to China. Though I have been riding bikes for quite a long time and have been to several bike tours, but they are all short tours and none of them is expedition style tour, as I just started plan this trip, the whole idea is a bit too big for me at the moment, the exact departure date and trip route have not been decided, as I m at very early stage of planning....advices, ideas and helps of all aspects are welcome.

And more importantly, If anyone is thinking of doing a similar tour, I m more than happy to join, please email me on [email protected]...



  • Hi Frankie

    Good luck with your tour! Lots of people have done similar trips. Start surfing Crazy Guy On A Bike journals.

    Also might be interesting.
    Round the world on our bicycles --
  • Thanks, I ve been browsing these sites....the idea is getting more realistic now...just keep suggestions coming..cheers.
  • Special KSpecial K Posts: 449

    From the book "Why don't you just fly?"

    great stuff, reading it at the moment for the second time - all very inspiring.

    wish you all the best with your tour
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