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How do you take off the unwanted rear brake lever blade???

DustineDustine Posts: 184
edited October 2007 in Road general
As it says- ive just taken off the rear brake, and now want to take the blade off the brake lever- i dont want to ditch it entirely as i ride on the hoods, mostly. Theres a silver stud which i can push backwards and forwards from each side of the lever, but dont want to tap it out with a hammer unless im sure thats what you do!!! And if in the future i wanted to, could i put it back, or once its out is that it??? Theyre a set of the Campag Record carbon drop bar levers btw.
Cheers for any help!!!!


  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    oh no - don't modify carbon record levers please!!!

    why not buy a cheaper set of brake levers to modify - something like this: ... KTBRLR0150

    £8 for a pair of tektro levers that you can modify to your hearts content - they are campag replicas so the shape will be familiar and you can be safe that you are not knocking hell out of a set of £90 levers.

    (then post me the campag levers so I can use them as I use both brakes on my fixie)
  • DustineDustine Posts: 184
    Hahaha!!! Good answer!!! I do have a couple of old sets of Weinmann or similar alloy levers that i might have a go at instead- they look pretty cool with the drilled blades and what have you. Youre probably right, i shouldnt be let loose near the Records with a hammer and a hole punch!!!!
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