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Having decided to buy my first bike for about 15 years (I used to have a Peugeot road bike), I've used the cycle to work scheme to get £400 of vouchers to spend on a new bike. I was initially looking to get a MTB such as a GT Aggressor XC2 or Carrera Kraken, as I used to get frustrated about the inability to go off road as kid.

However, having thought about the fact that I'll be using it to commute, and riding at the weekend, I've been considering how much I'll really want to go off road (especially in winter), and am thinking more of a road/hybrid.

The Carrera Gryphon anf Boardman Hybrid comp have caught my eye, as they have flat bar handles (I never used to like the drop handlebars). Can anyone adviseon the specs of these bikes, as the Gryphon costs around £70-80 less than the Boardman, meaning Icould get some accessories with the bike for my £400, and the bikes don't look too different.

Any advice on what to look for would be much appreciated!


  • Hi Andy,
    I don't know anything about the bikes you mentioned,
    but one thing I might say is that you might like to try out
    a bike with drops now that the gear shifters are built in to the brake levers.

    If you got really into the bike I think it might be quite expensive to
    upgrade to these style of drop from flat bars.

    Sorry a bit off topic, good luck with your new bike.