Dahon Tr 24 and touring on a folding bike

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Does anybody own this bike? I would like to hear your views and opinions

Has anyone had any experiene touring on such a bike



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    No to the bike, but yes to touring. I have tourd on a Moulton, Birdy, Brompton, and an Airnimal.

    The problem with foldig bikes is thathey are not designed for touring. Luggage capacity is limited and so is the gearing. You can expect to walk up more hills than you would on a proper tourer. Your average speed will also be less, hence limiting distances.

    Having said all that there are advantages. No concerns about bike securitya s you can sneak i in to your room, and you can also plan "mixed transport tours" where yo can skip parts with public transport and this will make up for the lack of cycled distance.

    It will all depend on how you feel with the bike when it is loaded and the type of tiur you want to do.
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    I've a 2002 Speed-Pro and while I haven't toured on it I have carried a fair amount of weight on it. You can fit a large handlebar bag, saddle bag, rack top bag and 2 small front panniers to the rear rack. The latter need to be mounted well back and with bulky rather than heavy items.
    However if I were to tour it I'd tow my Carry Freedom Y frame and leave the rear panniers rack top and rear carrier at home.
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    How far did you travel? any hills what was the bike like manageble?
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    My biggest day was 60 miles with double echelon hills on the OS map, that's steeper than 1 in 5. No problems other than energy level for me, I'm not a fast climber, bike was very good and nearly as comfortable as my Thorn Club Tour. I don't even think about whether or not to take it, other than the stevlio light slicks limit me off road, on primo comets it's even done that!
    The 'fast steering is accentuated with a heavy bar bag but not so much you don't get used to it, I'd probably not ride it 'no hands' with a bar bag on but I can without. The wheelbase is not much different from the Club Tour so you forget it has little wheels you just need to be prepared to stand on the pedals over big bumps a little more than you would on a loaded tourer.